Friday, December 11, 2009

Free VOIP Home Phone Service

Gizmo and Google joined forces to offer a free home phone service for everyone. If you had not made use of this opportunity, then you better get it sooner. There are numerous websites that talk about this integration in recent days. All the information regarding this integration is found on The free phone service works excellent. It has the folowing features

1..Free unlimited Incoming calls
2..Free 3 minute limited outgoing calls.
3..Connect any regular phone to the ATA unit with broadband internet connection.
4..You don't need to have your computer on. Just keep your broadband modem on.
5..Spend only one time $40-$50 to buy the linksys PAP2T ATA unit.
6..You can call both local and long distance numbers including 1-888 toll free numbers for free.
7..The linksys ATA unit offers 8 speed dial memory settings to make everyone's life easier.

1..The only disadvantage is that this free service is not totally compatible with 911 calling feature. But Alternatively, the phone can be configured to call your local police station when you press 911 using its dial plan settings.
2..3 minute limitation of outgoing calls, but hey it's a free service. What else can one ask for.

So we end up spending $40-$50 only once and recieve free home phone service for life. Enjoy.

Useful Tip:

1...Complete tutorial on this free home phone service can be found at

2...One of the Best ATA device for this integration is Linksys PAP2T-NA. You can buy this from amazon by clicking the picture above or try the amazon search I added on the right hand side of this page.

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